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Alfa Abreu, the founder of, was born in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, on October 20th, 1970. As a small child, she witnessed the struggle of her mother, Ana Leda Perez, who as a single parent of four, eked out a living to put food on the table and provide her children with a good education. Her mother had many jobs to support the family. These included creating a beauty salon in the house, working at a factory, and cooking and then selling many kinds of foods. In short, Ana Perez did all she could to support her kids. As a result, Alfa saw her mother as both the man and woman of the house.

Alfa’s mother, with neither education nor training, learned many jobs to keep the family eating and afloat. Strict yet loving, Alfa’s mom placed a high level of importance on education because she was not able to have one. Because of this upbringing, Alfa grew up with strong family values and a high appreciation of education. Thus her early years were spent in a middle-class family, rooted to strong values, yet without a father figure.

One day, Alfa’s father, Ramon Antonio Abreu, who had left the family many years before and emigrated to the United States, called her mother and offered to take Alfa to his adopted country for a better life. Her mother accepted his offer. So on February 25, 1986, Alfa arrived in the United States, in the borough of Brooklyn, knowing no English but with a strong desire to learn. Her hopes for better opportunity and a brighter future loomed large.

Because of Alfa’s love of music, she ended up learning English by listening to her favorite songs. Challenge after challenge overcome, she started working hard to achieve her dreams. She attended the Joseph B. Caballaro Junior High School and graduated in 1987. Here she participated in the Spelling Bee of 1987. Later, she attended Lafayette High School and graduated in 1990. There, she was active with the health and dance club, making costumes year-round for the school dance festivals. Alfa’s love and passion for the arts carried her to the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Alfa’s passion for the arts and sciences motivated her to do a lot of volunteer work in museums and other non-profit organizations. As she herself states, “As a child I grew up around fabrics, threads, and garments everywhere because sewing was my mother’s principle means of earning a living; as a result, I was very involved with this activity and loved to sew and make beautiful garments that people could wear and in turn make them feel beautiful about themselves.” While attending college, Alfa had many jobs as well. These included various positions in the food industry and at retail stores. You can say she was following in her mother’s footsteps at an early age.

Alfa’s garment industry experience spans 25 years. She has worked for many well known and reputable companies and has intensive life-modeling experience in both children’s and women’s wear. Later in her career, she would work in several small and large corporations where she became ever more experienced in the diverse fashion field and even well-traveled to boot. As a quality assurance specialist, Alfa had to travel extensively to the Far East, Central America, and the Caribbean, where she gained valuable and culturally significant savoir-faire from this globetrotting.

In 2004, Alfa got married in Holy Family Church and on July 17, 2005 she gave birth to her son, Stephen Alex Becchino. Unfortunately, her marriage was not one “made in heaven” but rather one encompassed by domestic violence and emotional abuse. For six long years, she battled in the court system, trying to seek recourse and remedy her situation. This experience made her realize the great need in the community of a people’s advocate for women and children subjected to domestic violence. Alfa’s faith in God and strong family values have saved her from certain desperate ruin. To the contrary, she has been able to turn her negative experiences into positive, life-fulfilling hope for others in need, so that the vicious cycle of domestic violence does not repeat itself through others.

As a survivor of domestic violence, Alfa has become a strong activist against the abuse of women and children, and also a divorce advocate for those silent people not heard by the court system. To sum up, Alfa’s goal is to offer hope to those bereft of it, kindness to those devoid of it, and love to those impoverished of it.