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AO aims to connect with the community at a grassroots level, raise awareness through education about domestic violence, and give hope to countless in despair. Our mission is smooth the transition of divorce and make the pain less traumatic for all involved. By giving families an open forum in which to discuss their problems, AO provides a means to overcome the difficult ramifications of family break-ups, and a comprehensive resource to mediate any of the detailed processes. Some of these include finding affordable housing, obtaining legal support for divorce modifications, and obtaining wellness therapy and child care.

AO plans on building a childcare facility with a kid-friendly atmosphere, and this center will serve as a pick-up and drop-off so kids are not subjected to assignment at police stations. Children of domestic violence have seen enough horror and AO wants to alleviate them of any more. We provide support to the families who need it most and bring a welcome oasis of hope to our most important asset: our children.

Our various interventions help keep the family safe at all costs and moreover obviate the long-term damages that can instigate any of the following:

  1. Focus/Learning problems
  2. Lack of confidence
  3. Behavioral problems
  4. Poor test scores
  5. Mental trauma and stress
  6. Low self-esteem
  7. Aggression/Irritability/Depression
  8. Memory problems/Headaches
  9. Double vision
  10. Imbalance/Decreased Motor Ability

Contact us today to speak to one of our specialists and learn about the various resources that are at your disposal. AO wants to touch your life and help create a safe environment for your family. Our most cherished aim is to bring solace and calm to your stormy sea so that the sun can once again reign over you and your loved ones.