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The Alfa Omega Organization (AO) was born January 2015 after the founder, Alfa Abreu, had spent a six-year-long struggle battling in the court system, fighting for custody of her children. This long fight was conducted without the necessary funds for legal fees and without access to free legal assistance. As a result, Alfa suffered constant harassment by law enforcement officials, threats by lawyers, and false accusations of wrongdoing by the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). Alfa paid a very high price for her ignorance of the legal system. Undaunted by this negative series of events, Alfa would change her life and raise public awareness about the injustices of the court system.

Our company is funded by people like you from the community. The interventions we provide can help stave off financial problems like bankruptcy and job loss. Our sensitivity to family crises helps prevent child neglect. We care for all human life and strive to keep people from falling below the poverty level. We work with all people regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity and help them fulfill their dreams and goals. We strive to be a beacon of light to the community.

Our state-of-the-art and kid-friendly facility will provide a pleasant environment for child visitations and exchanges. Our warm décor and nature-based themes will afford children a safe haven and refuge, one in which they will feel secure, peaceful, and less threatened.

Our monthly work shop will be open to the community and to people from around the country. Here one and all can come to listen, to learn, and to propose new laws for the protection of victims. Video testimonials will be available on our website.