New Logo02Our comprehensive Kids Protection Services (KPS) will ensure that children are receiving the proper supervision at all times. All kids should have a normal lifestyle so that they can become successful members of society. By providing convenient transfer services at an appropriate locale, we eliminate the stress and duress that such exchanges can cause under less favorable circumstances. Kids do not need to witness unhealthy situations or be put on the spot.
Other services and features include:

  • School interventions to prevent kids from missing their normal curricular activities because of parent-related problems, such as those involving court proceedings
  • Supervised visits to schools to ensure city-established curricular requirements are met for the student’s grade level; these visits will also involve meetings with school board members to monitor each child’s performance.
  • Supervised visits to the parent’s home to see that kids are not being played as pawns in the custody battles with the court, lawyers, law enforcement officials, and other authorities
  • Supervised doctor visits to ensure all kids are healthy and happy.